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Reliant Real Estate Group has developed The RRG NETWORK, a propietary application service provider (ASP), that matches thousands of commercial real estate buyers with available properties and assets for sale according to their respective investment parameters.

The RRG NETWORK combined with hyper marketing tools will guarantee our clients the most qualified buyer and best price for your property.


Advantages for buyers

  • Buyer’s investment parameters will instantly cross–reference the RRG Network’s database with all available properties.
  • Instant notifications of available assets that match buyer’s investment parameters.
  • The opportunity to join the network which changed the way buyers purchase properties.

Buyers - Please register your investment parameters on our website to join the RRG Network.



Advantages for sellers

  • List your property with us and the network will cross-reference your asset’s parameters with our buyers investment parameters.
  • RRG can market your property instantly on a global scale or in an individually personalized manner to thousands of active buyers.
  • Access to a unique and proprietary software that will change the way you sell your assets.

Sellers - Please contact us to learn more about listing your property with us and selling it through the RRG Network.


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