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FH Capital Partners (FHCP)

FH Capital Partners (www.fhcp-llc.com) is Reliant Real Estate Group’s affiliated finance division – responsible for debt and equity placement as well as providing the necessary financing to fund respective client’s transactions. FHCP has a vast network of investors allowing them to secure financing for all deal sizes. Additionally, FHCP actively provides hard equity loans in the South Florida market on commercial and investment real estate assets.

Private and institutional owner and operators seek out FHCP’s knowledge and access to debt and equity capital for acquisitions and recapitalizations. This permits FHCP’s clients to substitute costly capital partners and monetize all or a portion of the appreciation of their assets while maintaining ownership interests and management income.

FHCP’s success is due to its exceptional ability to structure, identify, procure the lenders and investors needed to fulfill the required terms to complete the transaction. FHCP is able to secure the necessary forms of financing, including but not limited to: first mortgage debt, mezzanine and junior debt, joint venture equity, preferred equity, and other related financings.

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